Neoliberal corporate tyranny has advanced to the point where even running a t-shirt company is a dissident act.

We can accept Bitcoin or Litecoin, but we recognize for many people, it’s easier to print the form and mail in the money order.

We process orders manually, and calculating shipping per zip code would overcomplicate the system for everybody.

A $7.99 flat rate per order keeps things simple. Plus, you get 2-3 day USPS Priority Mail delivery. It works for everybody.

Each merch season runs for four weeks. Your order will ship 3-5 weeks after the campaign concludes. If you provide us with an email, you will receive an email with tracking information.

No. This time, everything from design to handling to fulfillment to filling the hatchback with orders and taking it to the post office is being done in-house.

All personal information will be destroyed after your order has shipped.

The only information we retain is for accounting purposes: order number we assign you, quantity ordered & total price, and the USPS tracking number.

We may have not processed your order yet.

If you submitted a mail order, and did not provide an email address, we have no way of providing you with an order number or tracking information. You will still get your order, we just have no way of updating you about it.

You can easily buy & send crypto using CashApp (guide) or Coinbase (guide), or at a Bitcoin ATM (map).

You may have heard about these providers shuttering accounts for donating to ‘wrongthink’ causes. Our payment processor is configured in such a way that every transaction gets a new, unique address, meaning nobody except you ever sees it.

For all other issues, contact: